Jp Revo: Music Collaboration

Have fun listening these splendid fellas!

Blau (Lagunabluers), talented guitarist from Japan

Blau (2012)

Blau is a mysterious and a very talented guitarist from Japan.

On his channel ~ Lagunabluers ~ he did lots of JamTrackCentral materials. Not only the notes and guitar tone that matter to him, but also the dynamical playing.
He can bring guitar to life!
I'm very proud to present to you the music: Grandview Trek
Grandview Trek
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Mr. Donny Suhendra. Indonesian guitarist figure.

Donny Suhendra (2012)

Mr. Donny Suhendra is a legendary guitarist figure in Indonesia. Everybody in Indonesian music industry knows Mr. Suhendra.
In younger age, he did a lot of Progressive Rock materials. One of his many famous Pop/Fusion/Jazz bands is Krakatau.
Nowadays, Mr. Suhendra teaches guitar playing in Jakarta, regularly performs in Java Jazz and other music/guitar events, and accompanying other musicians, such as Ms. Syaharani (Jazz vocalist from Indonesia; the ESQIEF band).
Truly an honor to have the legend doing solo in my music track. Check it out! It's FREE to download.
Jam in E Major
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Springbo. The awesome dude.

Springbo (2012)

A fine lyricist, musician, and totally a funny person. A brilliant dude, he can rhyme anything, such an epic linguistic craftsmanship. Never question his ability of building chords progression, because he's SPRINGBO.
His work revolves a lot in satires and daily life. I first found the ultimate funny video of Springbo when he did the "Colgate" thing. That was so hilarious. You can find that video on his YouTube channel. Anyway, in this collaboration-wannabe, I accidentally spruced up (rearranged) the music from Springbo. Listen to The Internet by Springbo with my headbang-able music rearrangement.
The Internet by Springbo
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FREE but you should mention SPRINGBO in it.
Strom, the ROCK vocalist from Germany

Strom (2011)

Strom is a professional stage and recording musician from Germany. He's the vocalist of the Rock band, Aram Chaos. I'm a fan of Aram Chaos, by the way.
Back then, out of nowhere Strom was like, hey Jp, let's make a song! I was very excited and agreed to do it instantly. Long story short, we came up with a Hard Rock song. Check it out!
With the permission from Strom, Make It Mine can be freely downloaded.
Make It Mine
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John A. MachLachlan. Musician/producer from the UK.

John A. MacLachlan (2010)

John is a senior guitar instructor and a pro musician/producer from the United Kingdom. A funny Scottish gentleman, he has a good sense of humor. He also built his own recording studio by using inexpensive materials, but it works great. It's the brain factor that counts.
John has dyslexia, but that never stops him from teaching and producing music.
Rock Jam with John
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